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Every month PJ sets up a theme for a photo challenge, in which you showcase 5 pictures in that theme. To read more about these theme’s check out PJ’s Photo Blog Challenge. Last month I am upping my game as I went out and purchased a brand new camera. It’s a Canon EOS Rebel T-5, it might not be as big and bad as others. But it’s been giving me some fun and has me running around taking pictures of well everything! Considering I only got this around the 12th of the month, I may make a second version of this using my cellphone pictures. But that’s in the future, right now… we have this months theme and it’s…

This months theme is Baseball

1. Sliding Back To First

IMG_1139 (2)

This photo is from the Albany Dutchman vs Tri-City Valley Cats exhibition game they had a week or so ago, which faced off the two local baseball teams against each other. I got this cool photo, even though I was sitting behind the netting. Can you find the baseball?

2. Sliding Into Second


I found this senior league located in Schenectady, New York. It was just me and the guys playing basically. I just stood next to the fence and snapped away. I missed a very good picture of a broken bat coming right at me. But this slide into second was pretty nice.

3. Fastball

IMG_0574 (2)

This was also at the previous mentioned Dutchman vs. Valley Cat game. As I was sitting behind home plate I got the chance to snap this nice photo as a fast ball coming down and paused in mid-motion. Pretty, pretty cool if I say so myself.

4. The Bling


Last night I attended the Tri-City Valley Cats game, as they took on the Philadelphia Phillies affiliate Williamsport Crosscutters who was managed by former Toronto Bluejay Pat Borders. This is Southpaw, mascot of the Valley Cats. And he’s rocking the bling!

1. Score Keeping



And finally there’s this. If you’re a fan of baseball, a serious fan at that, you will keep score. This mystery man from the game I attended last night kept score and bragged all night about his new book. He even got a few fans to come up and ask him about it. Can you guess this mystery man?

That’s all for this month. You can check out more of my pictures by checking out my Flickr account or you can browse my blog for more. Or you can just click on one of the first three photos to get to my Flickr account.