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Years and years ago, before I actually gave in to the world of WordPress I would design my own websites. Yes, shocking right?

For those who remember the way back when know this. They hated me for it. They mocked me for it. I wouldn’t just design a website and leave it alone. I’d design it and change it within a week or two. I was a perfectionist. Which comes at quite the comedic stand point seeing I used the old Geocities as my web host. So basically, I’d spend hours and hours designing a new website and would launch it. And then a week later bam back to the drawing board.

I’ve had so many different designs, I could have had a website design company and made oh, let’s say a 100 websites. Or even a 1,000.

But the problem with this, not only was everything changing, I never added content. And as you know content is king.

Now I have the opposite problem. I have a not so great design, and a lot of content. Especially after the amount of blogging I’ve done this year compared to well, every year since I started Hachland. Which well, let’s just say Hachland is a teenager at this point.

So with all this content comes a few major problems. First of all trying to find everything at a moments wish. I remember I wrote something about that, but I forgot if I used a specific hashtag or set it up in a specific category. Oh, so many and so confusing.

Secondly, well, the first one is the hardest. Basically I need to break everything down, have specific categories and make everything easier to find. I have a whole bunch of categories that mean nothing. That they either have one or even no posts located in it.

Thirdly, I have ongoing posts like Hachism and my new Untitled Project or even ongoing themes like The Final Journey or even 20 Days Of Chill.

Basically, I need to break everything down so it’s not only easier for me to find, but you the reader. Because after all, maybe one of you fine readers would like to spend a few minutes, hours, days reading former posts. Or even I could showcase former posts I’ve done. Like have a throwback Thursday if you will.

Oh well, the hopes of mice and men right?

Any ways, here’s one of the images from one of my former designs. It’s of all the categories I used to have.