I need to write a post before it’s midnight. But I don’t know what to say. So I’m just going to enter a word and let my phone’s auto correct make up a story. It’s a fun game, well maybe. So let’s see what will be said.

I was trying to translate the one day off and make sure you’re not paying attention and then go to McDonald’s for the next president. You have to work this morning,  mention she’s being waited until the other guy who works for dinner and then sleep. Well yeah that was quick and then I say this is not impressed with me. 

Yeah I’m going there! Was he the other guy? Who cares about the whole? Situation is just too much effort to work with. Other than this damn business wire death matches are the worst thing about wrestling but I had to be done that for 10 years ago. 

Okay now instead of being random I’ll just pick the first word that comes up instead of picking random words.

I don’t know what happened to the one day off and make sure you’re not in my position. That sucks. I was gonna do something with you for lunch today is a good day at work and got caught on camera.

Now that’s not working right. Let’s try the third word that’s suggested. 

Oh I must say how to be more insiders are going out when I get cash and a season, you have the confidence. Good guy and the billboard top. Delete it and the best one day thing I don’t think you did good but it’s not. 

Okay I have no clue if this actually worked but I finished out a blog. But maybe I should use bigger words.