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Friday night I got the chance to attend a local festival which had 90s music group the Gin Blossoms. Which gave me the opportunity to take pictures of them.

Since getting my camera  (Canon Rebel T5) I’ve had a few opportunities to shoot live concerts and well I haven’t published them yet but I will soon enough. All the concerts I’ve shot are from local free festivals so I’ve been easily allowed to walk around and get various shots.

But the events being free don’t showcase many high tech lightning and props so that’s a downside but it’s given me the chance to try and just get the basics. Which is what I’ve been trying to do since starting this new life. 

With shooting the Gin Blossoms I tried various different moods and have been playing with aperture and F stops and ISO speed and all that fun stuff. Stuff I’m slowly learning about and have been playing with over the past few days if not the past week. 

I’m still learning and indeed having fun with it. And you can check out some of my select photos with the link below.

Photos of Gin Blossoms mainly just their lead singer