Yesterday I attended the Perfect Game Collegiate League All Star game. It was held in Albany, New York at the home of the Albany Dutchman and the Saint Rose baseball team.

Saint Rose is a local college while the Dutchman are made up of college students around the country who love playing baseball and are trying to get more playing time. The Dutchman are part of the Perfect Game Collegiate League a league based in New York state. 

I’ve attended a few games before of this league and well I figured attending the all star game would be pretty cool. Which it was. 

The only problem with this game is the location. The game was located at the Bob Bezzoli field which is a field where if you’re one of 101 people you hope not to be the 101st person. Basically I’m saying there isn’t many areas for viewing the game. Not many bleachers seats and the bullpen and the dugout are in the way. Which not only makes viewing the game difficult but trying to take pictures even more difficult.

Trying to curve my frustration and capture good pictures was the challenge. And when I did find a good spot to take photos which ended up being down the first base side. I had to stand atop bleachers which were brought in to provide more seating and deal with everyone’s favorite star – the sun. 

It would have been a more enjoyable game and probably seen more fans if this was hosted at another stadium. Which probably would have costed the league some more money but could have brought in more fans. Maybe at the The Joe which is just a few miles down the road and across the river. For those not familiar with that name it’s the home of the Tri-City Valley Cats. But then again these are different leagues and there’s probably some politics we don’t know about involved. 

As for the all star game, they held previous activities such as a autograph session and a home run derby. The derby was fun to watch or at least what I was able to watch. Seeing these 18 year-olds slapping the ball over the fence and showing major league type power is amazing. Just thinking that some of these guys were in high school last year and now are slapping the ball 400 feet is well pretty amazing. 

Chris Kwitzer ended up winning the home run derby with 10 long balls in the first round and added 12 more in the second to be the clear winner. As for the game the East defeated the West. A game that was not nearly close as the East decidedly took it away. 

As for a few of my pictures please take a look at my Flickr page for them.