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The other night one of the local town parks who hold weekly concerts during the summer had one of the better Beatles tribute bands. 

Not just a cover band but an actual tribute band. Something I myself was confused about until I attended this concert. And even calling it a concert is far fetched as it was more of an event than anything. 
In the town of Guilderland which is just a few minutes outside of Albany there’s a town park called Tawnshsh and during the summer months like many of the towns around Albany they hold outdoor concerts. Well this past Thursday they held a very interesting event as it was Hey Jude, a Beatles tribute band.

Now there’s band many bands to come out and cover songs by the Beatles, something this particular band did quite well. But they took their covering of the band a little farther as you may have noticed in the picture I posted at the top of this post.

Yep, they got beyond creative and actually dressed the part of The Beatles. They had a few wardrobe changes in which they spanned the years of the Beatles during this tribute show. 

It brought a different aspect to the music and made it not only enjoyable but intriguing to which they would do next. They even had a Ed Sullivan look-a-like to play along. 

The music was very well and with the wardrobe really made you feel like you were sitting witness to the actual Beatles. 

Which got me thinking if you would gather other tribute bands together imagine the event you could have. Like a Woodstock type event with different tribute bands. Makes you think.

Well that’s just a thought. 

Anyhow, check out a few more pictures on my Flickr account.