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For those who live in Colonie will know this sign. It used to correspond with a vacant ice cream stand. Which has stood empty for more years than I’ve known. 

It’s become a landmark more known for it’s showcase of emptiness than the history of being a summer hang out. A sign that since I’ve gotten my new camera have wanted to take a picture of. Which I’ve put off for some time now. But the other day I got a shock of urgency. 

The other day driving by this location I noticed that there was a bunch of construction vehicles chilling out. And they weren’t just there for the ice cream that used to be sold here, but for the demolition of this once hot spot. 

They’ve since demolished the once great stand and while the sign still stands I’m worried it won’t for much longer. Thus the urgency to snap a picture of the sign. 

I’m not sure yet what will be built here or if it’s just the town sick of the eyesore. 

Soon we will see the future of this location and we’ll remember that historic past forever.