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A while back I took a drive over to Vischer Ferry, which is a town located in Saratoga County in Upstate New York. It’s known for being a historic place.

After driving all the way there mainly to visit the Erie Canal park located there. But noticed that this town has a cemetery and well it’s always a fun visit. 

While visiting the cemetery with my new camera, I got to not only learn a little history but also a little more about my camera and how to focus the camera. While it may not seem to interesting or fascinating, learning this is very helpful. As I learned and would love to suggest that if you’re learning how to use a camera this is a wonderful spot.

The gravestones work for great art and the fact that they don’t move helps a lot. Well, if they do move, I guess that’d make for some very interesting photos too. You can work the camera to focus on a particular gravegravestone or another one behind it or before it. Also you can maybe even get some pictures of some nice flowers.

This particular cemetery is on the smaller side, which is nice. So you can learn about those who lived in this town. As well as working different angles on a small number of gravestones, something that may become overwhelming at one of the larger cemeteries in the area that I have visited. 

You can check out the photos I took here by visiting my Flickr page.