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It’s been one month since I got online on my computer. Thirty-one days I’ve been living this life with the only connection to the world wide web through my cellphone. Think about that for a second. I spent nearly 8.5% of 016 without access to my laptop.


I know I’m really starting to sound like a Barenaked Ladies song.

But seriously that’s a long time, and it’s been a while. A lot of things have happened to me, with me and all that other good stuff. I’ve tried my best to update this blog via the WordPress cellphone app. Some days failing, for the last 7 or so well, those were epic fails.

The things that I’ve been able to share with you are a list of life changing moments. From getting a new car to being a sad penguin, to well, I guess writing crappy poetry isn’t that life changing. Well, unless I became super famous and rich from it. And well, the state of my laptop will tell you I’m not super famous nor rich.

So for those not familiar with the downfall of Hachland civilization let me catch you up. A month ago, yeah, 744 hours ago, and all those other fun time stats, I lost my laptop. It crashed and it crashed hard. From what I can gather, the laptop’s hard drive crashed. I lost a lot of my pictures, and well, that’s basically all I had on my laptop other than my saved passwords. Which over the past month, I’ve been guessing and trying to figure out what they were. If only there was a universal password.

As you can read Down Goes The Laptop. So what was the solution you ask? Did I send it back for repairs? Well, the solution I’m going with is this, because the laptop company never replied to me trying to contact them, because you know, that’s what companies do. I went into my archive of old laptops and tried to fix them. Failing miserably, and setting my entire bedroom floor a heap of broken laptops and forgotten dreams.

I would have been back and in charge a long time ago, but well, in doing so for whatever the reason, the wifi driver didn’t get detected. You know, that thing that helps you connect to the wireless world. And for whatever reason I didn’t have a Ethernet cable, you know that wire that looks like a phone line but isn’t. Well, in my ultimate laziness and the fact that I couldn’t afford that whopping price of 4 dollars from Wal-Mart to get one I sat and didn’t get one. Well, I got one and I’m back online.

But now you know that taking one hard drive from an old computer and putting it in a new one does has it downside. Because well, sometimes things like this happen. I also have been downgraded from my Windows experience. From Windows 10 down to Windows 8.1. But I suppose if I want to I could upgrade.

Or as you Mac people say, I could just buy a Mac.

Well, I have a lot to catch up with and in the next week or so you will probably see a lot from me. I need to update you guys on a new writing experience I have, all the pictures I’ve taken, a old friend and writer of Hachland has gotten into the blogging world, me trying to get caught back up to that photo blogging challenge, my poems, my stories, and of course about this one time I turned into Howard Dean!

Oh and by the way, don’t buy a Lenovo.