In the early days of Hachland, it featured a lot of guest writers. One of the best and most respected of the bunch was a guy named Matt. Matt had wrote various times about wrestling, sports, and probably something even cooler than both of those subjects.

Matt and I go way back as bitter enemies in the world of wrestling roleplaying and then became friends. We would argue over the way we thought wrestling should be, we talked about life, girls, work, and the love of Ford Escorts.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to see Matt grow as a person and while his brief moment with Hachland may have come and gone we still kept it touch here and there.

Work and the usual daily beating of life got us to lose touch with each other. Plus the fact he lives outside of Philadelphia. But over the past few years when I got back into wrestling, I talked more about the independent wrestling scene with him. We shared a few differences, but hey, what great people don’t. But we also agreed on a lot about wrestling too.

Over the past few days, weeks even, Matt has returned to his roots of writing. Because writing is what he has done best, because his ideas of wrestling aren’t really that good. I mean do I need to share our old conversations about who should get drafted back in the original WWE Draft days!?

But luckily for Matt and I, he’s started talking about comics, movies and other things that he enjoys. So please do yourself a favor and go check out Matt’s new writing adventure.

Check out Matt’s blog, The DoorMatt Review and like the accompanying Facebook page for the blog so you can get all the hottest updates.

And remember there’s a Matt under that door.

Wow, that was lackluster at best.