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My friend Ryan from High School was one of our first friends to move out of their parents house. We had been friends and foes in the days of backyard wrestling. But when he first moved out, I was upset that he had done it before me. But than I was shocked when he brought a dog in his life.

I have never been a fan of dogs. An old childhood horror story had me always scared of dogs. No matter the size, the breed, I’ve been fearful of dogs.

But Gibson came around.

Like I said I was shocked, but the two of them seemed meant for each other. And then they became a three when Vicki joined the party.

Over the years, nearly a decade, give or take a day or year. They’ve become a family. I haven’t gotten around to seeing Gibson in the past few years, due to well, life, and such.

Then the word came out that the little guy was sick. Something wasn’t right. They brought him to the vet and then to a specialist. Things didn’t look too good. Then he got some new meds and things seemed to turn around.

And then the day that we all dread happened.

Gibson was a good pup, he made Ryan a better person. He made Vicki and Ryan great parents. He made us all a little better.