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Back I went to that familiar spot I’ve been the past few years and that being ringside. Ringside at a independent wrestling event. Due to prior engagements of working I couldn’t spend the entire night but I spent a few hours ringside and like the last time I was at Dynasty Pro Wrestling and I was shooting with that camera.

The big name of the night was WWE Hall Of Famer Tony Atlas and surprisingly this is slash was my first time ever getting to see him live. Yeah, I’m really not that crazy into wrestling, just a little. This was their second ever show at the YMCA in Bethlehem as with the second one I brought my camera to.

The first one in which I previously blogged about, Not So Daisy Picture Perfect, showcased the numerous challenges of taking pictures at a wrestling show. Some of which many people don’t realize and usually get lost in the moment. And that moment being this is a fast paced action in which guys are moving and flying every which way. It’s hard to capture every moment correctly. Something that I and many others have in doing this, which is why you see a lot of bad pictures of wrestlers. From people trying to capture the moment using a cellphone camera or people just not understanding how to take a picture.

I’m not saying I’m an expert. I’m anything but. Yet, I have learned and am still learning how to take a decent picture. It’s hard, granted the equipment I’m using is great, it’s just using it in the correct manor. But this isn’t something I’m not going to rant on, because well, that’s not the subject at hand.

The subject at hand is that this was my second ever wrestling show in which I snapped pictures, doing it as a fan and trying to learn and educate myself of course. I had some difficulties the first time, dealing with the companies decision to light the show a certain way. And over the weeks in between the two shows I learned a lot about shooting in the dark, yes, I could have used a flash, but using the flash is lame.

So I researched, I had my camera all set up in with different modes and I was ready. And then I get to the show and much like a lot of wrestling events and shows I’ve attended there was a swerve! They left the lights on! The production lights weren’t there and I had to quickly readjust myself. This was much easier than I had the first time, but there was still some difficulty.

Such as where I had decided to stand. I had decided to bring my long lens in the 75-300 mm lens and of course didn’t bring in my external lens, because that’s lame. I stood off t the corner and shot into the dark, as they used a portion of a hockey arena. Which that in itself may have lead to some difficulty but oh well, I didn’t realize it until later. I captured some half way decent pictures and still wish I could have taken a little better ones. But hey, there’s always next time right?

I’ll try to again, and this time, it felt very good. I had taken over a thousand pictures and brought it down to a few hundred and then picked some of my favorites and posted them. The other problem is am I going to make my own photography page or just use them for this old Hachland entity?

But then again you’re not caring about all that, because you want to see the pictures!

This time I posted them on the Hachland Facebook page so go and take a look and like the old page!