As you know I’m a wrestling fan, as you also know if you’ve paid attention the last few days I went to a wrestling show run by a wrestling company called Dynasty Pro Wrestling a few weeks ago. I took pictures, and did what I do best at wrestling shows and that being watch.

You may also remember I’ve had some trouble with doing that watching part, because I like to review and anlayze what I see at these wrestling shows. Sometimes I get in front of my old lap top and I write about what I had seen. Well, on one instance I took to my laptop and had a lot to say. I was disgusted and very upset with what I saw at a certain wrestling show. You can read this past post which I entitled How In Your Face Wrestling Lost.

Now let’s talk about a few interesting things that I noticed at this other show. Some things that to the normal person wouldn’t jump out. But for someone like me, for someone who’s seen the bad side I appreciate these things and well, I kind of laughed.

The first thing I’m going to point out is that the referee was fixing the turnbuckle after the match. This may not be shocking or out of place to anyone else, but at the other show the turnbuckle was being repaired during a match. Which kind of takes away from the match as well as takes the spotlight off the wrestlers in that match. The person repairing the turnbuckle may have been doing it for the right reasons and that being safety. But he just made everything look well, unprofessional.


The second thing was I caught this young lady taking a video of the in-ring action during one of the matches. And like the previous thing this may not be a big deal, it’s not really. It’s not like she’s going to go out and make any money on this video. It’s a cellphone, while the picture is okay, it’s not great, it’s not crisp nor clear enough for anyone to want to pay for it. But at this other company you are shunned from video taping. They have security walking around trying to stop anyone and everyone from doing it. Even parents and family members of some of the wrestlers. And if they don’t catch you in person, they will seek down your own personal Facebook page and cry to Facebook to take it down.


But then again, who cares about them?

Now that’s just a couple of things I’ve seen, thought was funny and felt like babbling about. There were probably a few other things I missed, like how they didn’t have violence towards women. Or how they didn’t start the show before the fans got inside. See just little things, make the fans happy, make the fans want to come, that’s all you have to do.