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Hand in glove ready to catch a baseball.

My buddy PJ (A ‘lil Hoohaa) is at it again with the blog challenges and this time it’s one entitled Can Of Corn. It’s based on baseball. Yep, I just used that sentence. Well, there’s numerous topics that will be talked about in this one and they’re all related to baseball.

This one started a few months ago, but yeah, I am a little behind so bare with me as I try to catch up. So before I run to home with this one please remember to check out PJ’s blog and the co-host of this challenge Kasey’s blog. And of course enjoy baseball!

The first topic at hand is entitled “Your favorite ballpark” So without further ado let’s take the leap.

My favorite ball park huh? Well, the other day I mentioned my favorite baseball memories and well, that included my favorite places to play wiffle ball. Which well, those are some of my favorite make-believe stadiums. But we’re not talking about that sort of places, we’re talking about the big time.

Now I have yet to have the luxury to visit all of the stadiums in the world but from those I have visited I’ll guess have to mention the one that I went to way back in 2009. Okay to be honest I visited a bunch of stadiums in that year. So I guess I should be a little more, how you say, how to narrow it down to just that one stadium.

And that is Camden Park aka where the Baltimore Orioles play.


We visited this park a few years ago during a trip to Virginia, after working 10 hours and driving from New York to Baltimore with a few more hours to get to Richmond area Virginia it was a great idea.

Especially when the game went to extra innings. When it turned into a double-header worth of extra innings that was even better.

But aside from the game, the stadium was nice, it felt smaller than it was. It has the history, the look and all the feels that you hope your stadium has.

If I ever decided to move somewhere just for becoming a season ticket holder of a baseball team it’d probably be this one. Especially seeing also on this trip I visited the home of the Washington Nationals and got a sunburn.

I could really see myself enjoying visiting this park numerous times a year. Granted this was before the riots and during a span of Orioles baseball when they weren’t that good.

Yet, on ballparks this is one of my favorite. Although it does have pretty stiff competition with Fenway, home of the Boston Red Sox and CitiField, home of the New York Mets.