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Hand in glove ready to catch a baseball.

My buddy PJ (A ‘lil Hoohaa) is at it again with the blog challenges and this time it’s one entitled Can Of Corn. It’s based on baseball. Yep, I just used that sentence. Well, there’s numerous topics that will be talked about in this one and they’re all related to baseball.

This one started a few months ago, but yeah, I am a little behind so bare with me as I try to catch up. So before I run to home with this one please remember to check out PJ’s blog and the co-host of this challenge Kasey’s blog. And of course enjoy baseball!

The first topic at hand is entitled “Your favorite baseballism (saying, quote, jargon etc.)” So without further ado let’s take the leap.

Where to start with this one? I could talk about something I experienced when I was younger and playing baseball. Something I heard or seen while watching a baseball game. Or maybe even something I’ve seen in a movie. There’s a lot of places I could have experienced a great baseballism.


My favorite baseballism.. saying, quote, jargon or what have you. Is something that rarely gets seen in this day in age. And it’s from a member of the baseball hall of fame. And well, it’s from Ernie Banks.

Banks who most famous for being a life long Chicago Cubs player and going by the nicknames of “Mr. Cub” and “Mr. Sunshine”. Enjoyed playing baseball so much that he wish he could play a doubleheader every day. Banks would often say “It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame… let’s play two!”



This saying has come up a lot over the past year but like I said rarely do you see double headers in the majors lately. Due to technology and well money, it’s easier for teams to spend three nights playing baseball than three nights traveling to the next town. But back in the day in the early days of flight it wasn’t that easy.

This year though, a few times this saying has come up. For instance just yesterday when the Milwaukee Brewers and the team Mr. Cub played for, yep, the Chicago Cubs themselves played a double-header.


We got to see that great quote and Kris Bryant walking the stairs next to it. The two teams did play two and the Cubs took them both. It was highlighted with some great pitching by the Cubs and a remarkable play by Anthony Rizzo.


Another time I heard this quote this year was when PJ and I met up to visit a baseball game, and he mentioned the quote to the attendant checking our tickets. The attendant obviously loved the quote and we were given a box of free baseballs and all the merchandise we could dream of.

Either way, it’s a great quote and a very positive saying. Something even non-baseball fans can get behind.

As I sign off on my first Can Of Corn entry, check out Ernie Banks Hall of Fame speech.