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Hand in glove ready to catch a baseball.

My buddy PJ (A ‘lil Hoohaa) is at it again with the blog challenges and this time it’s one entitled Can Of Corn. It’s based on baseball. Yep, I just used that sentence. Well, there’s numerous topics that will be talked about in this one and they’re all related to baseball.

This one started a few months ago, but yeah, I am a little behind so bare with me as I try to catch up. So before I run to home with this one please remember to check out PJ’s blog and the co-host of this challenge Kasey’s blog. And of course enjoy baseball!

The first topic at hand is entitled “Dream baseball road trip” So without further ado let’s take the leap.

So the dream baseball road trip. What, how, where and well, we don’t even have t bring up the why. I’ve taken in a few baseball games in my past and well, know I’ll love to take a few more in.

Back in 2009, we took a road trip down south that included visiting the homes Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals and then the New York Mets. Oddly enough we ended up spending the night at the hotel that over looks the Philadelphia Phillies but they were in New York playing the Mets.

Usually my road trips include one and done. Going just to one specific game and coming back home, but going to more, on one long road trip, now that would be a dream. It’s something that my father and I have talked about doing, hitting up every single major league baseball stadium. All on one long road trip, or well, at least once.

I’ve been to a bunch of numerous major league stadiums, been to both the last two stadiums of the New York Mets and the New York Yankees. I’ve been to the previous stadiums I’ve mentioned and to the home of the Boston Red Sox. But there’s all those other stadiums I’d love to travel and visit.

One major stadium I’ve always wanted to visit was the home of the Chicago Cubs, you know, Wrigley Field. The oldest major league stadium still up and running. As a fan of baseball, history and of course the Chicago Cubs this is a must visit for me. And I can imagine spending a week just in and around this stadium. Sitting in numerous areas from third base side, first base side, out in the outfield in the bleachers and even in some of the seats atop the rooftops. Heck just hanging out in and around would be great, sitting in a bar, there’s so many places I could sit and watch a game of the Cubs.

That in itself is a weeks worth of a dream baseball road trip. But maybe I could turn that into something different like going to not only the Cubs, but visiting the White Sox too. Or if I’m driving I could maybe spin it so I hit up every ballpark from their to here and then some.

But that’s getting on visiting every stadium all on one big long road trip and well, that’s what I’d really want to do. I’m not sure of how any of it would happen. I’d definitely need a lot of money. I’d probably also need to go full on Neal Page a.k.a. Steve Martin’s character in the move Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

This year I was thinking of doing this, the whole visiting every stadium in a certain league, with the Perfect Collegiate Baseball League. A small independent league which features college aged baseball players who haven’t been signed to big deal contracts that play in my state. But well, after making it to two different stadiums, I just couldn’t get it to work out.

If you’re asking me my ultimate dream, now that would be every major league stadium. But until that happens, I’ll keep dreaming.