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Hand in glove ready to catch a baseball.

My buddy PJ (A ‘lil Hoohaa) is at it again with the blog challenges and this time it’s one entitled Can Of Corn. It’s based on baseball. Yep, I just used that sentence. Well, there’s numerous topics that will be talked about in this one and they’re all related to baseball.

This one started a few months ago, but yeah, I am a little behind so bare with me as I try to catch up. So before I run to home with this one please remember to check out PJ’s blog and the co-host of this challenge Kasey’s blog. And of course enjoy baseball!

The first topic at hand is entitled “a current rule you’d change” So without further ado let’s take the leap.

The rules of baseball are some of the most storied rules in all the history of histories. When they’re brought up and there is talk of changing them, people, oh, people get very upset if there’s talk about changing them. These are tradition, these are the laws in which we saw our heroes use and become legendary.


Sometimes we have to change them and alter them. For reasons that help better than game, the past few years there’s been a few changes to these rules. Both of which have been changed in the idea of making the game safer. After major injuries to some big name players, these changes have helped make the game safer. While at first we, especially me, have been vocal against them. We have accepted them and the game really hasn’t changed that much.

These changes I’m talking about are those changes to the hard slides into second base to break up a double play and the charging the catcher at plays at home plate. We’ve seen baseball players get injured and their careers either change greatly or just come to abrupt end. Something that well, just isn’t cool.

Yes, we didn’t think changing these rules were good. But while they may have altered the game a bit, they’re not that major changes. Double plays still aren’t a sure thing, we’re still dealing with this change. It’s got people talking, and well, it’s been a practice, the hard slides into second are still there, but the late and taking out guys legs has gone away. While the same can be said about the charging the catcher at home plate to break up the play.

Look, you’re already out. Slamming into the guy isn’t cool.

But we know that, and we’re here to talk about a rule I would like to change.

And well….

Drum roll…

I would like to alter the designated hitter rule.

Yes, here we go. This one is going to be one of the most controversial posts on my blog of all-time. This is a crazy hot button subject. Wait, but which side am I on? Am I for the designated hitter or against it?

I am all for the rule!

Yep, shocking.

While I find myself as a historian and love the tradition of baseball, and yes, for a long while I have been an advocate for the dismissal of the designated hitter. As well as finding the National League more enjoyable, due to the pitcher hitting and the whole having to deal with it. I think I’m going to have to flip-flop this one.

It’s time to make both leagues DH leagues. It’s just not cool anymore. We’re dealing with more and more safety issues. The list of major league pitchers on the disabled list are completely outrageous, the amount of those pitchers who pitch for the National League surely outnumbers the American League.

Yes, seeing a major league pitcher picking up the pine and taking some hacks at the plate is cool. But nearly every single time it’s an easy out, it’s as useless as wearing sunglasses at night. There’s no need to see a pitcher bat. No need at all.

Okay, some times it’s cool. Yes, it’s cool to see a Madison Bumgarner hit a home run. And yes, in the same sense it’s cool to see Bartolo Colon act a fool at the plate. But it’s causing pitchers unneeded stress and getting them hurt.

Being a baseball purist, seeing the laws change is just wrong. But it’s 2016, and we don’t need more injuries, we need to be smart. Majorly league pitchers aren’t training to swing the bat, they’re training to make others look silly swinging the bat.

We can’t live in a world where guys are getting injured while we can simply eliminate the entire situation. Because seriously given the option would you like to see Clayton Kershaw throw a baseball, hit a baseball or not involved with baseball?