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Since getting my camera,there’s been one constant and that being me taking pictures of baseball games. You can call it my niche or just something I enjoy doing. It’s gotten me to attend more baseball games than any other year and obtain a couple of cool bobble heads.

You can also blame part of my recently found obsession to attending and taking pictures at baseball games on a certain blogger friend. Or the desire to take better pictures. I would like to work on getting better action shots, because sometimes I miss them. But every once and a while I get something pretty sweet.

But something I would also mention is the fact that at some point in my new camera venture if I would like to make some money in it, I might have to break away from the Hachland brand. It could be as simple as me slapping on a watermark with my new photography name and creating a Facebook page. Or maybe just skip that idea and stick with this Hachland brand.


On one hand I don’t want to change it. I think it’d be cool just to keep it all the same. But then again, there’s some stuff associated with the brand that’s not so PG. And would you really be interested in getting your pictures taken by Hachland photography?

Granted bringing this up isn’t new. It’s a thought that has been running through my head for some time now. And I wouldn’t completely disband the Hachland brand. But this photography venture would be a separate entity but wouldn’t diminish the brand.

But then again…

What if I just had a photography brand for my baseball pictures? Call it something baseball related like ‘In The Park Photography’ or ‘Broken Bat Photography’?

Then again I’m still just learning on how my camera works and how to take pictures. So maybe this whole post is useless. But then again maybe I can salvage this post by posting a couple different pictures with a proposed photography business name and get your opinion.

Number 1

Number 2

Option C