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I’ve always wondered what things would be like if I did something or if I didn’t do something. One of these things includes what if I wrote a baseball blog. Which isn’t too outlandish to think of but well why don’t I?

Baseball has been something I’ve enjoyed for as long as I can remember from attending games, playing games, watching games, collecting baseball cards, talking about it, playing video games based on it, whatever it was baseball I’ve always enjoyed it.

Throughout the years of Hachland I’ve dabbled a little here and a little there on blogging about baseball. Years ago, back in the earlier days I used to have a feature called “The Daily Grind” where I would make paragraph sized comments about the baseball events that occurred the previous day. Which I kept on going tallies of who was leading in the home run race and who had the best average. It was fun to do, yet, very tedious. My job at the time helped a lot of course.

Currently though I haven’t written much about baseball, I’ve wanted to, but I just never seem to find the time or the motivation, whatever it is, I just haven’t done it.

I could probably do a weekly post on Hachland talking about baseball or even attempt to start a baseball blog. But I think I’ll miss a couple of days and then forget about it. Just like so many post projects I’ve attempted to start i.e. The Indy Network, The Sports Bastards (along with M. Stalker) and an ocean full of other ideas.

I feel like I’m very opinionated and knowledgeable in the facts of baseball. Granted this comes from years of following the sport and watching the MLB Network religiously. Granted I’m not as smart to actually be a scout, beat writer, or someone who is ever able to sit on a panel on television to talk about baseball.

But… I like baseball. So there’s that right?

Maybe if I find the time I’ll write something up and do some stuff. But… I have that other project about taking pictures or that other project about organizing.


Maybe I should start a project to find more time in the day.