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It’s Thursday and we’re going to throw it back! But not to forget it yet to remember the past. To be more specific we’re going to remember the past of Hachland, if you will, we’ll rediscover Hachland.

On this inaugural Throwback Thursday post we’ll take a look at my long-lost creation of poetry, rap lyrics, rock lyrics, or just random words that sometimes rhyme but usually don’t make any sense. Back in the days of High School and my College daze I would come up with different things and this was some lyrics and poems I used to write. I entitled it S.M.H. before the whole SMH standing for shaking my head phase took over. For those not familiar those are my initials.

Expected in 2006, the Break Away never came.

Expected in 2006, the Break Away never came.

Like many of my early days of the internet lifestyle I made websites and stuff. This venture isn’t anything different and it was hosted on a free service. Posting the poems, poetry was pretty much all I did. I never started a band or anything like that. Just typed them out, because most of them were things I randomly sketched out in my school notebooks.

You can visit this original page still, luckily by visiting its home over at Geocities.ws. If you actually took the time to look at it, there is some half way decent HTML tricks going on there. But the colors, eh, I don’t know what I was thinking. Yes, they’re different but well, at least it’s not as bad as that background!


This little project saw different “albums” in which I showcased different lyrics slash poetry together. Mostly they’re grouped together by the time period I wrote them. Like if I wrote them in 2001, they all placed together. So there’s not the “rap album” if you will, but just a bunch of random things together.

If you’re one of those crazy people who actually have followed Hachland since day one you’ll know about this. But many of you are just learning about this now. Me? I’m rediscovering it myself. Some of the things are new to me, some are well, I remember like it was yesterday.

So please take a look at the different posts, poems or whatever you want to call them and comment tell me what you think. And remember I was just a kid back then.

I will list the “album” and then the “songs” and you can click on them to check them out! Please note while most of these say they were posted in 2003, they actually range from 1998 till 2003.





Shady’s Bisquit 


Purple + Pink