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On Friday I spoke about a traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall, also on Friday I visited a traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall. The two walls are similar but both bring unique differences.

While the one I visited and spoke about in my post on Friday, A Wall With A Name On It, is bigger in stature by 100 feet in the middle of the copy of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. This different wall which is being showcased in Princetown, NY this weekend offers a look at more than just the names. They are attempting to collect photos of those names as well as stories of who these men and women were.

They have a notes of survivals who have visited the wall, pictures of those who are on the wall and other stories of those who were lost in the military conflict. The photos of the soldiers who were lost are displayed so you get to see them as they lived and not just as a name.

The town of Princetown had made a wonderful job of setting this whole thing up. Bringing in the traveling wall was no small feat in itself. They also helped to design a whole area in which made the displaying of the wall natural. As in you visiting this display you’d think it was always there.

Bringing in the wall to a town which to me has always been the last town on I-88 is a good decision. It will hopefully bring notoriety to the town and maybe increase people’s desire to visit the town. While there’s nothing of major note in the town, its sights are pretty cool.

If you’re in or around the area of Princetown, you have till 3 pm this evening to visit the wall. Parking is available at the Schalmont High School where a shuttle will be made available to bring you to the location, due to limited parking.

As for the photos I took at this event, they’ll be uploaded soon enough.