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If there’s one thing you as the reader of Hachland has learned over the past year is that I enjoy visiting cemeteries. Yes, morbid, but also there’s so much information to be learned.

Sunday I wrote about visiting the Vietnam Memorial War in Princetown, on my travels back from visiting that spot I spotted a cemetery. It was a cemetery I was new to, but one I’ve passed a few times before. This route I took to Princetown is one I’ve traveled numerous times throughout my life.

It’s a road in Rotterdam aptly named Duanesburg Road, aptly because it leads to the town of Duanesburg. This is usually the road I take to either reconnect with Route 20 or to take Interstate 88.

This time while coming back from the wall, I decided to take a look at this cemetery. While I regret my short-lived time there and the fact that I didn’t take time to walk around and explore more. It’s something that I’ve done more at others, but others are well, there’s more to them. This isn’t like the Albany Rural Cemetery or the Oakwood Cemetery in Troy. This one… this is not nearly as unique.


Ironically today’s the end of August

While I only took a few pictures, and mostly it was ruined because I’ve been wanting to visit the Albany Rural Cemetery again because well, it’s cooler. This cemetery is more of the average grave stones and more recent history. Not trying to take anything away from that, because there’s a few cemeteries out there similar to this one which hold a great spot in my heart.

As I just checked out their page on Find A Grave I learned I could have done some help to someone who’s looking for help. As on their website¬†they have a few links so you can learn more about it. For instance this one has a link in which you can view all interments (people who’ve been buried there), you can add a name to the cemetery and also there’s a link which people have requested a photo of a grave.

Basically people who are unable to visit this particular cemetery request a photo of the grave stone of a loved one. Most of these cemeteries listed on this page have this same request. There’s usually one, two or well, in this instance seven requests. Something that I should have checked into earlier, especially now that I have a fancy camera.


I wonder what their favorite dessert was.

Maybe that will become something I do, especially to some of these cemeteries that are close to where I live. I could just make a quick trip over and snap a picture and make someone’s day.

Now there’s a thought. As for this cemetery, I created an album over on my Flickr page and well, check out the few pictures I took. And maybe I’ll go back and make someone’s day.

You can learn more about this cemetery by visiting its