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It’s that time once again, that time every month in which I participate in the Photo Blog Challenge. It’s a time in which I feature five pictures I’ve taken and adapt them to a theme or reverse that the other way around. Either way it’s a challenge in which you see pictures. To read more about these theme’s check out PJ’s Photo Blog Challenge.

This months theme is Black and White.

Time to see how this black and white theme goes, I guess I could translate all my pictures to black and white or bring on a different aspect to that. I guess you’ll just have to read and scroll.

So without further ado here we go with my top 5 pictures with a black and white theme!

1. The Altamont Fair


I snapped this one at the annual Altamont Fair. While it’s not in black and white, the thought is the fair is just plain and simple. There’s fairs all around and no matter what you do, you usually end up at one once a year.

2. My New Car


While I got this car last month, I still love the fact I have a new car. Maybe next month this will wear off but I doubt it. It’s a 2016 Kia Optima and as you can tell it’s white with black tires. See what I did there. If you look real close in the back window you’ll see my black and white 2CW hat.

3. At The Joe


Like I’ve done numerous times this year I visited the Joe. It’s the home of the Houston Astros class A affiliate Tri-City Valley Cats. This time I sat a few seats behind home plate and well, they were free tickets! Yep, free! I got lucky as a couple had some extra tickets and I was in the right spot in the right place. While I didn’t catch their names, I did however get in for free and it was bobble head night. Thanks again mysterious people!

4. Charlie & South Paw


While visiting The Joe there’s usually two constants outside of the baseball of course and that’s South Paw, the team’s mascot pictured on the left, and Charlie, the team’s ball boy.

5. The Moon


At The Joe, of course, I saw the moon. I took this picture with advice from some guy sitting behind me. What do you think of the result?

That’s this month’s challenge please take a look at former challenges by looking at past Photo Blogging Challenges.