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It’s officially been a whole year since I got the FitBit, well, a year and a few days. But we’ll just blame the fact I’m a few days late on posting this on my vacation. 

A year ago, on August 30th I jumped in on the latest craze this one being FitBit. Everyone at the time seemed to have one, they were all about it. Now? Well, they had them.

The craze was well crazy. People were all about sharing how many steps they walked that day. How good and healthy they were going to get. It was fun. And kind of annoying at the same time.

Because its human nature to jump on the newest crazy and wear it out until it’s a dead horse. Or at least until it’s not cool anymore.

So after days, weeks, probably even longer than that of seeing friends and family sharing their stats. Showcasing screen shots as well as what badge they won that day. I fell victim of the craze of counting your steps.

We jumped in with the basic FitBit Flex, the original, the one that just tracks your steps not your heart rate or anything. But that’s really all we needed and I wanted. I wanted to find out how many steps a night and day I was walking. Was I burning calories, was I going to lose weight?

I just wanted to find out. Plus to brag if that was at all possible.

Logged in, tracked my steps. I was all about it the first few weeks or so. If you’re not familiar with the system, it counts your steps. As well as doing a few other things along the way. Such as allowing you to input what you ate and drank that day. Setting your weight and other baselines. It’s supposed to be more than just a step counter.


Really that’s all it has been to me.

An annoying one at times. And a very cool little gadget as well.

Over this first year plus of wearing it, I’ve learned a lot about myself. That on my days working, I walk and I was a tremendous amount. Yet on my days off, I usually don’t move much at all.

I’ve also learned that this tracker thing is not heavy-duty. I’ve broken numerous amounts of the bands. Maybe from the daily wear and tear, and most likely because of the job I have. I don’t even know how many times I slam it on the shelving at work not knowing that I had just done so.

Another annoying thing, and that’s probably strongly related to why I think it gets damaged a lot. And that’s because of my work. I bang it here, I bang it on that. The plastic strap tends to break often, I’ve gone through way too many. And there’s been also other issues of it not connecting to bluetooth correctly, but that’s easily been resolved.

Other than the downfalls, the upside is that it’s been really good at counting my steps, tracking my sleeping habits, and all the other stuff that I could use but don’t. But most of you probably know all about that stuff.

The biggest point of this post is to brag about how much I’ve walked over this year. Since August 30th of 2005 I’ve had 4,385,039 steps that’s a shocking amount of 1,970.21 miles! With that date being 375 days ago, that means I’ve averaged 11693.437333333333333333333333333 steps a day! 

Aren’t you jealous!? Well, I am for certain.