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The second stop in my adventure in Baltimore was to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Because what a better way to get in touch with a city that you’re visiting than to visit the zoo. 

And what a great decision this was. Well, especially when I decided to leave the zoo. Yep, one of the first things I did after entering the zoo was turn around and leave. Because why would I want to walk around and look at all the animals? No, I’m kidding of course. After realizing I had grabbed the wrong lens, mainly because I thought my smaller lens would work, nope quickly after trying to take a picture of the Black-tailed Prairie Dogs to no success I decided it’d be best to get my other lens.

This particular zoo has a sorts of awesome animals from chimpanzees to cheetahs to Giraffes to penguins to a rhino and even a lion! There was an abundance of animals and to categorize this as a good zoo is well, a good idea. At first I was quite disappointed but soon I realized this was a real good zoo.

The disappointment came when the beginning of the zoo just had a bathroom, a souvenir store and the for-mentioned prairie dogs. But soon I found all the wonderful animals and then some. After all I didn’t research this place.

As I found with taking pictures, in which I took a little over 700 of trying to take pictures through netting and plastic glass is well difficult. But then again I knew this before with my wrestling and baseball pictures. Although I did find that some of these pictures I took came out fantastic even if animals and kids a like smeared anything and everything all over.

Now your question is where are these pictures? Well, don’t get all excited because I don’t have all 700 of them done but what I do have is about 32 of those fantastic images for you to view. So do yourself a favor and click over to my Flickr page!