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So after numerous attempts to bring me back into the world of fantasy sports someone finally got me. To be honest I was quite willing to make my trumpet return to the world in which you use stats of players from teams you hate to help you win. Yep, that’s what fantasy sports are.

A friend I met through the land of 2CW got me to join. He unlike the numerous other offers was a free league. I mean, honestly if I’m going to join a league I’m not going to pay for it. Yeah, there’s an upside to it. If I win I get some money, but if I lose, which I know I will, I’ll be out that money. Obviously free is the best way to go.

For those who aren’t sure what the whole concept of fantasy sports is let me give you a quick run down. You pick a few players in this instance a quarterback for that position, a running back and a wide receiver and so on and so on. Mostly they’re just offensive players like those I mentioned, but this league I joined has some defensive players. But sadly no offensive linemen are allowed in this league.

You gather your team, hoping the other teams in your fantasy league don’t take those who you want and you gather your team. Usually there’s a live draft, this one had one, I didn’t attend it. It wasn’t the lack of wanting to travel or anything, because it’s all online. But I kind of forgot I signed up for it on Wednesday and then Saturday you know, that’s a long gap of time and it was difficult to remember.

You’re thinking I probably got screwed out of a good team right? Nope, because the system that was set up picked the best available. Now yes, this didn’t probably choose the real best available just what some pre-determined fantasy scouts have thought.

No worries I ended up with some decent players such as Ben Rothlisberger, Eddie Lacy, Jason Witten and Mike Nugent just to name a few.

Now I’m bringing this to the whole Hachland universe because maybe I’ll enjoy telling you how good I am at not managing my team. But mainly it’s so I can get myself motivated to actually manage my team. So far no good. But there’s always next week right?

Which is when I’ll tell you how I did this week. Let’s hope for a win!