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A few weeks ago I attended a street fair of sorts in Troy, New York. By sorts I mean, this wasn’t your average, every day street fair. This one was well, quite unique. They called it Enchanted City and it’s supposedly a steam punk event. 

According to the website it’s an urban spectacle of invention, imagination, theater and magic dressed in Cogs and Corsets. It’s an event that draws upon the unique aspects of Troy which honors our Victorian/Industrial heritage. But in my words, this was an event in which people dressed up in the most bizarre way.

It was quite interesting from the way people dressed to the unique vehicles that were around and even the stands and shops that were around. It was unique, and yes, I know I’ve used that word a million times already. It really was. I mean there was a lady painted in all blue, there was ladies dressed as faeries and a guy dressed in a very altered version of a Star Wars character.

There was a lot of re-imagined items for sale such as Monopoly pieces as earrings. Although I’m not sure if that’s actually steam punk or just something else.

It was very interesting to say the least. I wish I could understand a little more into why people would do this. But then again why would people dress up as their favorite wrestler or dress up for Halloween.

I guess that’s just what people do. But at least I got some interesting photos, and that’s what this was all about. Yep! All those people dressed like that just for my camera.

Now ain’t that unique?

Anyways, check out my pictures from this steam punk event on Flickr.