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Oh and now it’s time to brag about the place where we stayed in Baltimore. Yep, this is a bragging post. Because well, I’m pretty, pretty good at that.

So as we spent the nights in a Hilton and the views were to die for. Okay, maybe we could have had better views if there were less buildings. That we would could have seen the Inner Harbor.

Or we could have maybe got a room on the other side of the hotel so we could wake up every morning to the view of Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Now that would have been a nice view. While there was a spot in the hotel near the pool where you were allowed to go out on the porch to view the field, we missed the one opportunity we had. Well there were two times they played games that weekend but we went to the one and the second time we were at the National Aquarium.

29663018766_2570d50464_mThe hotel was nice, they had a bunch of¬†elevators. But after the game the one night they were very, very crowded due to well, I guess everyone at the stadium had a room at the hotel that night. They had a bar on the first floor and a parking garage. Both of which I didn’t use.

Overall it was a nice experience, nothing too special and nothing to bad that I feel the need to complain.