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29688587455_9ff429ca37_zOne of the best enjoyments of the trip to Baltimore had to be visiting Oriole Park at Camden Yards. It’s where the Major League Baseball team the Baltimore Orioles play. This was actually the second time I was able to attend and it was all part of the luck with being with Lindsay.

The first game we had attended was all the way back in 2009, when the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim came to visit. That game was pretty, pretty crazy. It lasted 13 innings and well while it was one of the greatest experiences in my attending a baseball game it was very, very tiring. Especially considering I not only drove all the way from Albany to Baltimore, but I worked a 10 hour shift prior to that.

This time the Orioles were playing the New York Yankees, and no I wasn’t able to hitch a ride down with them. But I did sit next to someone who wore a Yankees shirt.

Our seats were behind home plate in the third deck, which yes, was quite the little hike but it gave a great view of the field, and even got us a chance to see some of the skyline of Baltimore. And yes, for those of you wondering, I did bring my camera. And yes, I took a bunch of photos.

And even more surprisingly I was quite surprised how they came out. With this being my major league game I attempted to shoot with my camera along with the fact that we weren’t that close to the field I worried. I worried I wouldn’t be able even despite my lens that I’d get close enough to the action. That and the action would just seem blurry and well, nasty. But as you’ll soon find out I was able to get a few decent ones.


As for the game itself it was pretty good, the Orioles ended up getting the victory as the hero of the day was Orioles center fielder Adam Jones who sent a home run over the left field fence. Along with the pitching of Kevin Gausman who pitched a gem of a six innings striking out 8 and only allowing 2 hits and 2 walks. Mychal Givens and Brad Brach each pitched an inning only allowing one hit each those led way to Orioles closer Zach Britton. Britton who’s had a superb season shut down the Yankee hitting to lower his ERA to .65 and to capture his 40th save of the season.

While the Yankees didn’t get the victory it was great to be able to photograph the veterans such as CC Sabathia, Brian McCain and Mark Teixeira. Along with the baby boomers of Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez. And that Judge guy, wow, just wow is he big, like tall and everything. He just made every other Yankee outfielder look like an ant.


The game went 9 innings, I had a soda and some popcorn and got my self a new hat. A Baltimore Orioles one of course. Which would have made my grandfather super happy due to the fact he was and probably still is a huge Baltimore fan.

As for those fans of my photography yes I took pictures and well, you can see them at my Flickr page.