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hpim6290A few years ago I took pictures and posted a bunch of the wrestling action figures I own. Okay, okay, call them dolls if you like. But that’s not the point, the point is I had a bunch of action figures sitting in my closet and in my possession and well, I still do.

A lot of my friends and most people have these type of things. From wrestling figures to G.I. Joe’s to Barbie’s to what have you. Most people either still have or still wish they had part of their childhood around with them.

Me? I still have some of them.

But as I get older and as I seem to have less and less space I tend to think what if I would sell these. Granted these aren’t all in mint condition, they’re not the best of the best. But they still make someone happy, fill a space on their shelf or in their child’s heart.

With all that said…. would someone like to buy these?

You can check out my Roddy Piper action figure as well as numerous others be clicking on these fine words.