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One of the restaurants we stopped at while in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland was the one and the only Hard Rock Cafe. My first ever time at this chain restaurant. This location is not only located in the Inner Harbor but inside the Power Plant Building. 

The 132 by 326 foot complex of three buildings was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987 has been transferred and re-purposed to house restaurants and other tourist destination things. Not only is the Hard Rock Cafe locate here but Barnes & Noble, Phillips Seafood and there’s even a gym located here.

Who cares about all that. Well, I mean, we should, but my visit wasn’t about the history of the specific location it was at. But more of the restaurant itself. I had never been to a Hard Rock Cafe before and well, the restaurant we originally wanted to visit had been closed a few years before. Yeah, we didn’t do a good researching.

The drinking pictured is a alcoholic one often referred to as as Hurricane and I figured I wanted it. For numerous reasons and a couple of them being that with the purchase of the drink you could get a discounted price on a souvenir glass. Plus the name of the drink, as the weekend we went to Baltimore there was a Hurricane warning. There were thoughts that Hurricane Hermine would affect the weekend. But alas it didn’t.

However the drink was good, I survived it. I also survived visiting my first Hard Rock Cafe. There were a lot of music related memorabilia throughout the location plus they were playing these things called music videos on a television near where we were sitting. Yeah, I’m not sure if I remember those. As well, they’re not as big as they were in the 80s and 90s.

We got one of those appetizers where you get a wide selection of different things. It was actually pretty good. I was expecting the food wouldn’t be all that good because it was a chain restaurant but it was pretty, pretty good.

And yes, I did get the souvenir glass. And no, it’s not displayed anywhere. Still in the box in the bag I got it in. Sitting on my kitchen table. But I’m glad I got it.