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29072402754_63a208e9d8_zWhile in Baltimore one of the main places for tourism in an around the Inner Harbor is the National Aquarium. The National Aquarium is one of the biggest aquariums in the world with more than 750 species, 2,200,000 gallons of water and an annual attendance of 1.5 million it’s not only a must visit but it’s got stats to back that up.

I’ve been to numerous other aquariums and I’ve always found them to be well, while they’re great to look at, I’ve found them missing something. Not sure what, but there’s always something I’ve wanted more. The National Aquarium in Baltimore gave me the opposite effect. I felt like I got to see more and then some.

Walking up to the location of the National Aquarium inside the Inner Harbor you wouldn’t think that this building, this location is as big as it is. But wow, this place was huge. From the outside looking in you’d think it was a small one hour visit at best. This location was huge!


Created during the urban renewal which saw the city try to take back Baltimore back in August of 1981, this place has an unbelievable amount of exhibits from the Dolphin Discovery in which there’s eight Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, six of which were born at this aquarium. They also have exhibits for sharks, jelly fish, as well as a display of the Atlantic Coral Reef. They also have a display focusing on Rain Forests and well, just so many different exhibits you wouldn’t believe an aquarium to have.

They have so many species of different types of animals its shocking! From the aforementioned dolphins to a snake-necked turtle to grey-headed flying fox and even a Green Sea Turtle named Calypso who was born in 1998 and was rescued from the Long Island Sound in 2000 where he only weighed 6 pounds. Due to his low weight as well as infected left front flipper the worst seemed possible, yet Calypso battled back. He had his flipper amputated and now over a decade later now weighs 500 pounds and is one of the main attractions at the National Aquarium.


And yes, for those wondering I did snap a bunch of pictures. While I’m still learning my camera and how to take pictures inside dark and through glass I did get a few good ones. Although not all the one’s I wanted I like to blame the tremendous amount of people. Yeah, I know, who goes to the aquarium on a Sunday. I guess that answer is everybody!

For those interested in seeing more photos from the aquarium and more of those dolphins check out my Flickr page.