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One of the many things we did in Baltimore was touring Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Yep, you got that right. We not only went to a game but we toured the ballpark too. And guess what it was on different days!

We went to the game on Saturday and we saw the New York Yankees take on the home town team Baltimore Orioles, the home team won and well everyone was happy. Well, except for those New York Yankees fans in attendance and in my hotel room. With our hotel room being just a few feet away from the ballpark we got to not only take a bunch of glimpses of the stadium, but the opportunity to return. Return we did as we decided to tour the ballpark and find out some more about why, how and find out little interesting facts that we didn’t know.

We had done this back when we visited Boston the year previous, something that was quite enjoyable and something I hadn’t thought of doing previously. Learning some very interesting things I never knew about Boston was cool, and we thought there had to be cool things about Baltimore.

So Monday we had a few extra hours and decided to do it. And it was a very good idea. We learned that Babe Ruth’s father had a bar located where the ballpark currently is. We also were given a very exclusive tour where we visited numerous behind the scenes locations and were given an opportunity to visit the dugout of the Orioles.


We also got to walk around and see World Series trophies, MVP awards and various things from jerseys to team photos to promotional posters. This tour was so much better than the Boston one, not to take anything away from that one. But this was better.

Touring ballparks is pretty cool, something that I will look to do whenever I get the opportunity to visit a new stadium. Hopefully something I’ll get to do more of.

I took a bunch of photos of this place and you can check them out at my Flickr page.