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Of the numerous things we did in Baltimore (Baltimore Vacation) there’s one thing I regret we didn’t have time to do and that’s visit the numerous locations associated with Edgar Allen Poe. 

While we stopped to take this picture of his final resting place, we were unable to view it up close. This is mainly due to the fact that the location of Edgar Allen Poe’s grave site is located within the confines of the city. There’s mainly street parking with a few parking garages around. We hadn’t thought much about finding his resting space before we had already checked out of our hotel and the parking garage, which ironically was located only a few blocks away.

I really wish I took the time to sit down and do the actual research to tour the places that Edgar Allen Poe had visited. It’s one of my major disappointments of things I didn’t get to do. But I guess there’s always next time.

Especially seeing the legacy that Poe had created with his writings. One’s that I have for years enjoyed reading and seeing different people’s interpretation of them.

But what’s even more disappointing is that I didn’t even realize there was a Poe House until I viewed this picture. I wonder if there’s even more places other than the grave site and the house. I guess only my tell-tale heart will have to find out some other time.