So with the league I joined a few weeks ago opening up a little after the first week of the NFL season which meant the first week of the season didn’t count for our league. Which to me is not a good thing. 

Mainly because the first week of the season I would have won my match up, yet, that didn’t count. But my second week, oh, my second week, as the title of this post states it’s true. I was on the wrong side of the biggest blowout.

But I can’t really fault my time, granted a bunch of my players didn’t score any points. Just my opposition scored way too much. Isn’t that the ultimate John Madden type point?

Anyways, I got destroyed. My team scored 116.06 points and my opponent scored 215.62 points. See you thought it was funny I mentioned the fact my team scored .06 but as you see that .06 mattered. Imagine if I didn’t. You’d be like wow, Sean’s team got destroyed.

And this is one of the main reasons I didn’t join a league that costed money.

Not only because I suck, but because ehh, it’s only fantasy.

This coming week I’m pulling out all of the stops, I’m going to be not trading anyone. A bold move compared to last week where I didn’t trade anyone. Also along with this I will not be making any roster moves. Yes, I know I probably should. But I’m not going to change anything.


Simple. This is the team Yahoo Fantasy Football thought I should have and I’m going to stick with it!

Okay, maybe I just don’t feel like doing anything and want to see my team fail.

Heck, it’s not like I’m going to get fired or anything.