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Saturday is the day. The day that my brother will make his first ever appearance on a golf course to golf and not just the miniature style. He’s never golfed and is very worried about golfing but as I told him its golf and even if you’re the greatest golfer in the world you have bad days and make mistakes. 

This Saturday while my brother’s fiance is busy with her bridal shower the guys will be golfing. The guys include the three amigos as in my dad, my brother and I. As well as his fiance’s father and probably a handful of others.

My dad hasn’t golfed in over 20 years. He used to go golfing every now and then. I’ve seen him golf once with my Uncle. But like I said that was 20 years ago and it’ll probably be rough for him. Just like it’ll definitely be rough for my brother.

I remember a couple of years ago when I first got out there I was playing with my friend and his father both of which have golfed for ever. I wouldn’t say I did terrible but it was my first time and there was obviously a struggle. I’ve continued to play every now and then usually on a Par 3 course so my short game is a little better than my long, but hey, it’s always fun to play.

Oddly enough that I mention that friend because at his bachelor party is when I had an opportunity to golf but I decide to just ride a golf cart instead. I kind of regret that decision. Especially seeing that I’ve gotten to enjoy the game.

I’m not saying I’m anywhere close to good or even okay, I just enjoy trying. I’ve only made par a handful of times. But it’s an enjoyable game, just trying to slap that small little white ball around.

Hopefully my brother enjoys the game as well as my dad. I’d always love to find more people to go out and play with. I’d love a new excuse to go golfing.