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After going to Camden Yards on Saturday we returned to the home of the Baltimore Orioles for a tour. Yep, a personalized tour of the baseball park. And wow, it was the best tour I’ve gone on yet well, of a baseball stadium.

That’s not saying much really because I’ve only been on one other tour of a baseball stadium. It’s something that many fans, including myself that these are available. Last year we took a tour of the home of the Boston Red Sox, yep, Fenway Park. And it was very informative and we got to learn a few things and get to see things that one normally who’s just going to the stadium for the game would learn or get to see.

But this one… WOW!

Yep, this tour, the Baltimore tour, it was really good. We were brought around to places the normal fan wouldn’t be allowed. From being allowed to walk around in luxury boxes to even the production area where those who control the sounds and sights of the screens you see at the park. This tour had little to no limits. We were brought around to where we got to see Golden Glove awards, MVP awards and even the World Series trophies.


This tour is one to go on even if you are not a fan of the Baltimore Orioles but one if you’re a fan of baseball in general. Because this tour brought us to where the official scorekeeper sat, to where the play-by-play guy sits and even to where all the beat writers sit. It was very interesting to see where they’re allowed to be and sit. It gives you the opportunity to think you are one.

And then to add to all that the best part. We got to be allowed onto the field and brought into the dugout. Okay, first we weren’t allowed to touch the grass because well, that’s ,  business. But we were allowed to walk near it and allowed to take pictures in the dugout.


And I of course got an exclusive picture of myself working in the well where the baseball photographers stand. Because you know, I’m that good to take pictures of a baseball game. Especially when the home team is out-of-town.

Seriously though, this was a very good tour and I highly suggest taking this tour to anyone. Because it’s not just about the Orioles or baseball, it’s about history because you get to learn about the history of the area before baseball was king. And you get to learn a little about the B&O Railroad as well.

So check out some more exclusive behind the scenes photos from Camden Yards by checking out my Flickr page.