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One of the numerous spots in Baltimore that normal people wouldn’t believe is there is the birthplace of George Herman Ruth also known as Babe Ruth. You know that baseball legend who once slammed 714 home runs and played for the New York Yankees. 

Well, his birthplace is just a few blocks from the home of the Baltimore Orioles home at Camden Yards. He was born at his grandmother’s house, because back then they didn’t always go to the hospital for things of this matter. Plus I doubt how big and professional hospitals were then.

And by then I mean 1895. Also there area he was born and raised in was once refereed to Pigtown. Due to this formally being the main hub the B&O Railroad, where all the pigs were sent to before being transported to the Midwest. There were an abundance of butcher shops and meat-packing plants. Now this area is also known as Washington Village.

From what I learned on my tour through Oriole Park at Camden Yards, his father owned a bar and it happened to be where the ballpark currently is. His parents had an apartment above the bar and his mother not wanting his son to be born above a bar had brought him to her mother’s house to be born.

Babe would eventually leave Pigtown and be sent to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys, a reformatory and orphanage, at the age of 7. Eventually the then owner of Baltimore Orioles, which at that time was a minor-league team, Jack Dunn would sign him to a contract. Thus birthing not only the career of Babe Ruth, but supposedly the phrase “Done Deal” or “Dunn Deal.” This is also where the birth of the name Babe comes from. As people, mostly other ball players would refer to George Herman Ruth as Dunn’s baby.

And eventually Babe Ruth would become the legendary hero that we all know today. But a small little place in Baltimore is where he was born and where his legacy began.