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After last weeks disappointing defeat, I finally jumped the gun and made some big changes to my Fantasy Football roster. Nearly completely flipping upside down my roster from cutting numerous players, signing more and benching players. All in hopes to actually pull out the victory and not go two straight weeks with a loss.


Going into the Monday night game I was looking pretty, I was going to finally get my first win in the world of Fantasy Football. And then bam, my dreams all ruined. Up by 19.58 points I ended up losing 28.94. What had happened?

Well what had happened was Drew Brees. Yep, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was the reason. With his three touchdown passes were just too much for my lack of players that failed to score more.

My top scoring players included Marvin Jones Jr, Ben Roethlisberger and Eddie Lacy but those alone couldn’t hold down my opponents team. I mean, Big Ben couldn’t even score 12 points. And Lacy, was just Eddie Lazy because he didn’t deliver for me.

I’m not sure what more I can do far from hope and pray that I’ll get some more points next week. Although it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a game of fantasy about football.

For those who were wondering in this league you for throwing a single touchdown pass you get 4 points. As for passing yards you get a point for every 25 points. There’s other points you can get and you can also lose points by throwing an interception or fumbling the ball.

Also for instance you are allowed to pick a team’s defense and their entire defense gets graded by how many points they allow an tackles they make.  This league also has the option for you to choose individual defensive players. As for me my team defense its New England Patriots, so obviously I’m pretty good there.

I guess I’m pretty secure with my players this week. I mean, I might move a wide receiver to the bench but maybe I’ll win this week. After all I’m projected to score