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This is Cinnoman. She’s a 18-year-old maine coon. For the past five plus years she’s lived with me. Along with her mother Lindsay, we’ve made a nice little family.

Previous to the start of our small little family Lindsay and Cinnoman, who first met each other 18 years ago in Virginia had lived in Virginia for 10 years and then moved to New York. They moved to New York so Lindsay could attend college.

Over the years of living in New York, Lindsay would eventually meet me and I would have the pleasure of meeting Cinnoman. Whom oddly enough I had already a connection with as one of Cinnoman’s siblings was someone who lived with me. As my brother’s friend named Twister.

Cinnoman loves treats such as Tumblers and Temptations. She also loves running to the kitchen when I or Lindsay walk there. She’s always excited to eat a new can of food, even if she only licks the juices and moves the food around.

She enjoys laying on the top of the love seat and sometimes for fun she’ll look out the window and watch the birds and squirrels. She has helped numerous times to protect us from the evil introduces¬†known as mice.

If you’ve ever been privileged to meet Cinnoman you’d understand how prestigious she is. If you haven’t well, let me tell you how special she is. She will only eat her meals off a plate and not some silly dish. As for her water, she’ll take it in a glass. Because any other way is uncivilized.

Cinnoman has had health scares, as being an 18-year-old feline these things happen. A few years ago we thought the worse, she wasn’t eating, she wasn’t drinking. She was very sick. But she bounced back. While she ended up losing a few pounds, she stayed strong.

As the years went on she adapted to a different person. Previous to this sickness she was around 10 or 11 pounds and since getting sick she dropped a significant amount of weight. She now weighs 5 to 6 pounds, but that’s because she wants to have a good-looking figure.

Lately her sickness has returned though. As a feline, she has had kidney disease and an upset stomach. As for the past few months we’ve noticed she hasn’t groomed herself as much as she once did. And a few other notable differences as she’s grown older.

This week has been the toughest on us and poor Cinnoman. We had learned that she had a urinary track infection on Monday and we got a bunch of medicine for that in other aliments she had begun suffering from.

While her spirit is still there, her mobility isn’t. Her meows have turned to moans, and her jumping and leaping ability have all but disappeared. On Thursday we feared something wasn’t right, so we gathered her and brought her to the doctors.

After leaving the doctors we decided to continue with the new medicine we had obtained from them earlier in the week. We also went out to one of the pet stores and gathered some of her favorite foods, treats and even a new litter for her to try. This one was much more suited of a women of her age. It has crystals or something and it helps with dealing with kidney disease and urinary track infections.

Last night she had some troubles getting back on the couch, her leaping ability wasn’t there. She knew something was wrong, but she was trying to fight it. Her pain was becoming too much for her, she was trying everything she could to make herself better. She went and tried to her water, she tried eating something, she even tried going to the bathroom. But her pain still remained.

We had hoped for the best, we thought maybe the medicine would help. Or even that Cinnoman and her strong will would just suddenly snap back to her old self.

Then earlier this morning happened. Cinnoman hadn’t improved. We noticed she wasn’t moving much and if she did she would only take a few steps and then need to take a break.

Cinnoman lived a wonderful and happy life. She will always be in our heart. Around 12:33 this morning she entered her new life.