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It’s that time once again, that time every month in which I participate in the Photo Blog Challenge. It’s a time in which I feature five pictures I’ve taken and adapt them to a theme or reverse that the other way around. Either way it’s a challenge in which you see pictures. To read more about these theme’s check out PJ’s Photo Blog Challenge.

This months theme is Your Town/City.

This past month, now it’s actually the 2nd day of the next month actually, has been quite hectic. We started the month on vacation in Baltimore (Baltimore Vacation) and when going through the photos I took this month I came to the realization that I didn’t actually take too many outside of Baltimore. However I guess I captured just enough to join in this month’s challenge.

So without further ado here we go with my top 5 pictures after all they’re my choice!

1. New York State Capital

For those not familiar with who I am, I’m from Upstate New York and live a few miles outside of New York’s capital which is Albany. On one of the days we drove down to the state capital and decided to take a tour of it. They allow you to walk around and give yourself a self guided tour or you can get a tour guide. We did the self guided tour and for the first time in my life I actually went inside. I’ve lived in this area for nearly all my life and I can’t recall ever going inside.

2. The View From The Top

On the same day we visited the state capital we traveled to the top of Corning Tower, a tower in downtown Albany just a few feet from the capital that you’re allowed to travel to the top of and take a look around. This is one of the shots I took. It’s not of the city, but it showcases the Hudson River and the oil yards of the Port Of Albany.

3. Slaughter House

This is a picture of a local Slaughter House. As you can see there’s some pigs being hung out to dry. Okay, it’s actually a part of my dad’s model railroad. But doesn’t in look quite realistic?

4. A Celebrity Grave

In a cemetery a few miles away from my house there’s a celebrity who starred in numerous movies from Pride and Prejudice, A Yank at Oxford, A Day At The Races which is a Marx Bros movie and she portrayed Jane Parker in a number of Tarzan movies. Maureen O’Sullivan, who is buried alongside her second husband James Cushing. For those who may not be familiar with Ms. O’Sullivan, you may have heard of her daughter Mia Farrow.

5. Cinnoman

This isn’t a picture I took this past month, but one that I took previously. I’m posting it simply because it’s one of my favorite pictures of Cinnoman. Cinnoman was my girlfriends cat she had since the age of 8, and whom I lived with the past 5 years. Cinnoman has made her next journey as her time with us ended on Friday. She was 18 years old and she’ll always be a part of us.
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