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It is October 2016 and the top of the WWE mountain includes the likes of Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles and Chris Jericho. That’s right, 26 years after he made his debut in professional wrestling, Chris Jericho is still at the top of his game. With a career that has spanned every major company that has ever existed it seems like Jericho is nowhere near slowing down. In years past he has taken brief hiatuses in order to tour or record with his band Fozzy but in this latest chapter of his career it appears Jericho is here to stay. His current character is a hybrid of his late WCW and early WWE versions of Y2J. Being sarcastic, witty and quick on his feet and still moving like a cruiserweight in the ring. It’s very clear that Jericho is having the time of his life on this current run. Hell the guy has gotten “The List of Jericho” over huge with the fans (for a second time in his career, see List of 1,004 Holds) and the word “IT.” That is a glimpse into his genius that he has taken a simple word used thousands of times daily and made it something special.

Jericho is beloved by fans and by those in the business as he is the consummate veteran. He is using his talents and skill to make the current crop of wrestlers elevate to the next level. Wrestling fans have seen more often than not when the talent gets older they tend to grip and claw to keep “their spot,” Jericho is the definition of what the veteran should be. He not only makes himself credible whether in the ring or on the mic, but also makes his counterparts such as opponents like AJ Styles and Sami Zayn or his current “best friend” Kevin Owens shine like stars. That is what I’ve always been told by those in the wrestling business is the role of the veteran. To make the next generation credible so that the business can continue to evolve. It’s safe to say Chris Jericho is that definition.

Nobody but Jericho knows how much longer his career in pro wrestling will last but we should all be thankful we get to witness it. We are seeing an artist creating some of their best work even after a museum of masterpieces. I for one get excited when I see Chris appear on the screen as I know my excitement will get rewarded. His current partnership with Kevin Owens is more often than not the best part of Monday Night Raw each and every week. I look forward and optimistic that as time goes on Jericho, much like a fine wine, will only get better with age.