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An adventure to check out fall foliage turned into the beginning of horror movie. This picture isn’t one from a movie set or even something on my father’s train set but it’s real life. And yes, it’s super creepy.

While making our way to Bennington, Vermont which is about 40 miles away from Albany, New York. So a nice easy little drive on mostly Route 7 and a few side roads. We were interested in checking out some fall foliage, you know, the leaves turning colors. We decided on checking out Bennington because according to some online reports we read its the perfect time.

As we arrived in Bennington you can feel and see the history this town in Vermont has. It was chartered in 1749 by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth. The town is most widely known for being the location of the Battle of Bennington, it occurred during August 1777 as part of the Revolutionary War. To commemorate this battle a monument was created which opened in 1891. Which you can see from miles away.


Something that you can see only when you arrive into town is the Walloomsac Inn, which is located just across the street from Old First Church. If you drive into town via Route 7, you’d definitely see this building to the left of you.

This is the Walloomsac Inn, according to a quick little research I did online it’s a hotel. It’s a very historic as it was built by Captain Elijah Dewey in 1771 and numerous Presidents have stayed here from Rutherford B. Hayes to William Henry Harrison to Thomas Jefferson to James Madison.

The once assuming glorious hotel was last owned by Walter Berry, but this was 1891. Yeah, you read that right. From what I’ve read at least the great granddaughter or someone still actually lives there.


Yeah, you read that right too. Someone still lives here.


While I was trying to snap some pictures of this old historic inn I noticed a bird flying high above it.


I was suddenly interested in trying to get a bird into this picture. I instantly thought how great would it be with this old house. So I backed up, crossed the street and got some more shots.


Only to find out there wasn’t one bird, but there was actually a bunch of birds.


I don’t quite understand why they were there. I’m not sure if someone feeds them if they’re looking for food. Or why even this old Inn hasn’t fallen down on itself. But this just seemed too good to miss out on. So epically awesome. I don’t even know if Alfred Hitchcock himself would have dreamed of this creepiness.

The next time you are in Vermont and close enough to Bennington make sure you stop by and take a view at this old creepy Inn. And within the next few weeks would just help with that Halloween feel.

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