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The Bennington Monument which is located in Bennington, Vermont commemorates the Battle of Bennington. The battle which was part of the Revolutionary War helped to lead to the birth of the United States of America. While the monument was built to honor this historic battle it has helped to bring tourist to the area.

The monument which stands 304 feet tall which was completed in 1889 was celebrated with a ceremony in which President Benjamin Harrison attended and a reception was held at the nearby Walloomsac Inn, that I mentioned the other day.

J. Phillip Rinn’s designed monument has a obervation area in which stairs were originally the only way to get there has since been closed off and replaced with an elevator, that has been since been updated again with a newer elevator, according to our tour guide.

But to get to the top you’ll need to get a ticket from the gift shop. It’s only 5 bucks and you don’t want this guy shooting you.


Don’t worry, he’s not real.

But this guy was.


That’s a statue of General John Stark.

And you can read the sign to find out more about him.

But the only reason you take the elevator to the top is for the views right? After traveling 200 feet, not the full 300 sadly, you get views that are well, they’re unbelievable. While at this observation level you can see other parts of Vermont, and two of the other 13 colonies that fought for their freedom which are New York and Massachusetts.


This is the road leading up to the monument where a statue of Seth Warner stands tall. Warner was a Revolutionary War office who rose to rank of Continental colonel, who is best known for his leadership in the batlte of Bennington, the capture of Fort Crown Point, the Battle of Longueuil, the siege of Quebec, the retreat from Canada and the battle of Hubbardton. He was also a member of the Green Mountain Boys and was an outlaw of New York.

These views are amazing and with the beginning of autumn you can see how colorful it is. images6

The views, they’re almost too perfect.