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One of the fascinating things in Bennington, Vermont is the gravesite of one of America’s most famous poets. It’s located in the Old Bennington Cemetery, a cemetery I talked about yesterday. And one that fans of Robert Lee Frost visit and mourn at. 

Robert Lee Frost was born in 1874 and would become an admired American poet who commanded the colloquial speech, which in he relayed a realistic interpretation of ordinary people talking in everyday situations in New England. Frost would go on to win four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry and even a Congressional Gold Medal. Frost is widely known for his poetry but he also wrote numerous plays.

At the age of 88 Frost passed away. As a man who spent his formative years in the New England area, he would be laid to rest in one of its historical hometowns alongside members of his family in Bennington, Vermont.


As you enter the cemetery the signs point to his grave. As you see in the above picture, those who run the cemetery are well aware of his fans.


And as you see he is laid to rest with the rest of his family. A simple quote about his life from one of his own poems “The Lesson for Today” is engraved under his name.


For learning more about Robert Lee Frost you can visit his Wikipedia page, as well as Leonardo Newtonic’s website in which he lays out 10 interesting facts about Frost. It’s also where I obtained the picture of Frost.