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Up here in the Capital Region area of New York State,  an odd thing is occurring it’s called Autumn, or as some people like to simply call it Fall. It’s the transitional time between Summer and Winter where the weather gets colder and the tree’s they begin to change colors. 

Red, yellow, orange all colors of the rainbow are what these once green leaves turn. It’s more of a beautiful and amazing thing than an oddity. Plus considering it’s something that happens every year it’s just simply one of those fantastic things that occur in our world we live in.

I could give you the scientific reasoning for why this occurs, I could give you links and facts to research. But in all reality, it’s something you just have to live. Take the time, go for a drive, stop and look at the many colorful things. Take a picture, embrace it.

After all in a short, while the leaves will blow away and the snow will overtake your daily life. So go outside and enjoy what this great world has.