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Back in High School when I came up with the name and the idea of running a website, I never thought I would describe it as a blog. Heck, I don’t even know if that word was a word then. Even But here I am in 2016 and I’m finally admitting that it’s a blog and by doing so I’m going to a conference for blogging. 

Yep, I’ve joined the likes of well, I don’t really know, because I’m not really sure about this whole blogging scene. I’m really just along for the ride and to check out what it’s all about. As my good friend PJ (A ‘lil Hoohaa) has invited me and he’s more interested than I am.

Not saying I’m not too interested, I’m just not getting my hopes up for anything spectacular. I’m not sure what I’ll learn if I’ll be able to get the name of Hachland out there any more than it already is. I hope to learn a lot. But just not getting my hopes up that it’ll actually make Hachland a great thing.

If you go over to PJ’s blog, you’ll learn how excited he is. Me, I’m just going with the flow. But I’m going to announce now that I’m going to try and live blog from the conference tomorrow. I’ve learned they will be offering free WiFi and I’ll bring my laptop, my camera and even one of those fancy notebooks the one’s you have to use an actual pen with. And I’ll try to update everyone on what I’ve learned.

Heck, maybe this will make Hachland Great Again! Or the other sides slogan, make Hachland Stronger Together. Either way, it’ll be a learning experience and my only worry is that I’ll be the least successful blogger there.