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On Saturday I took an adventure to Pennsylvania to be part of the NEPA BlogCon. I attempted to do a live blog, but well… It just didn’t work out, for whatever reason. I blame outside sources of course because I’m not going to admit to my faults.

After meeting up with PJ and finally arriving at the BlogCon we have the epic challenge of trying to find out where the conference actually is being held. Are we at in the right parking lot? What building are we supposed to be in?

Well after a search similar to one done by Christopher Columbus we found it.

And a bunch of people too!
Second update

So I’m driving towards the BlogCon and well… it’s actually colder than I could have imagined. Not only is there frost covering everything from here to there but even my dashboard says it’s 24.

To go along with that my GPS has this great idea of taking me on the craziest route possible. Outside of the near misses with hitting a few deer, some birds flying around and even some close calls with some cows it’s actually not a bad route.

Especially at this early in the morning because everyone with guns that could hurt me is sleeping. Except for that odd mobile home that had five or six cars parked outside and every light was on.

Earlier in the morning…

Heading to the NEPA Blogging Conference and having a little surprise of frosting my windshield. It makes for an another great joke on me from mother nature.

The best part of the joke is the fact I’ve decided to wear shorts today .