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Saturday, for those who may not have followed, I attended a blogging conference that was being held at the Penn State Worthington Scranton which is a commonwealth college of Pennslyvania State University located in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. It was the North East Pennslyvania Blogging Conference or for short the NEPA BlogCon.

The BlogCon, which I attended for the first time ever along with PJ (from A ‘lil HooHaa) was quite the interesting and unique experience. With stating it that way, you’re wondering where I’m going with this post. But the fact is it was a little different than I imagined it would be, but that’s my fault for not really thinking.

As PJ and I discussed on our way back we thought we’d be able to do one thing, that being networking, but it was more of a classroom experience. They had a bunch of people, other bloggers and marketing people, who expressed how they’ve made themselves a blogger. Some explained how to market yourself and use different programs from some that I currently use such as WordPress, Twitter, Facebook etc to expanding my horizon with different mailing list programs, using live video, creating a podcast, and various other things but most important learning and using your analytics from those who visit your blog and using it to bring in more people.


There was a lot to take in through all of the presentations and eventually I’d like to work on improving Hachland with some of the things I learned. The opportunity to actually make money off of this daily thing I’ve done for years is well, something that I should have done years ago. Getting a few more visitors would obviously boost my moral but that’s something I have to work on myself.

I know of the major problems I have running this little blog, those include in a joking manor me. But more precisely I wish I had time to develop a better-designed website, yes, I can outsource this, but if you have followed Hachland for a longer time, you know how I used to spend hours, nights and even weeks developing nice crisp designed websites. But that was back when HTML was basically the only language we used, and I haven’t had the time to learn about WordPress.

Other programs I’d like to learn are included in the branding, should I continue using the Hachland title, should I change it. Also, how do I deiced whether to create a tag or category or even instead of how — why. I know I have an abundance of categories and different tags. I’ve recently learned that people using WordPress can find me through tags. But I feel my categories are too brand specific, in a matter of speaking. For instance, since I started in the photography world I created a few categories of which are Camera Life and Camera Guide. Yes, only the two of them, not one about photography. Seemed like an obvious fix right there. But another example of bad categories most certainly would be instead of using Traveling for one such category I use Hach Adventures. Now seriously who’s going to understand what that means? First, they’d have to know who I am, and most importantly why would someone care.


I know the things I have to fix and I now have learned of newer ways to obtain new viewers. But with that said, I also need to learn a way to retain viewers. As per looking at my WordPress statistics, I’ve noticed I’ve had a large number of people visiting my homepage (main site) and getting no additional hits on any other stories. There’s a various number of factors for that, I’m not sure which I’m going to attribute that too, outside of me doing something wrong.

There are other things I can do, I’m working on it, I’ll need to find one day just to sit down and do it! Did I obtain some of these answers while visiting this BlogCon, maybe, but that’s really only up to me to actually put them into position and to work for me.

Outside of saying all that, the BlogCon was quite interesting and informative. We were served food from Panera, I got to hear stories from other bloggers, learned a great deal about a guy named Mark K. Fabe and just got to dip into a different world then I’m used to. It wasn’t quite a scene I was used to, there wasn’t wrestling, sports, family or my laptop screen because I stupidly left it in the car.

I’d like to thank everyone that put this whole thing on and of course PJ for driving the rest of the way. I apologize for my lack of an actual live blog that I poorly promised to do yesterday. I blame my lack of a good phone and leaving my laptop in the car.

For more information about NEPA BlogCon please visit their website and for a list of the presenters who spoke at the NEPA BlogCon please take a look at JAM Marketing Group’s page.

And most importantly if you attended the NEPA BlogCon leave me a comment. Heck, even if you didn’t leave me a comment.