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While taking in the NEPA BlogCon I had the opportunity to check out a college campus, as the event was on the grounds of the Penn State Worthington Scranton in Dunmore, Pennslyvania. Walking around the grounds I took in the sights and stautes on the grounds.

The campus isn’t all that large, it’s a small little location with about 6 buildings or so. And little parking, but as someone who attended Hudson Valley Community College I know all about limite parking. They do have a few stautes of their mascot the Nittany Lion, one you see in the picture above. As well as a bunch of Penn State Lives Matter signs. Intereupt that as you wheter it be live or lives.


The one Nittany Lion stuate was kind of scary, not all that inviting. But as being a tourist I was all about getting a selfie or something of the sort. And then I came across the perfect oppertunity.


That guy would make for the perfect oppertunity to get a picture with. He wasn’t as fierce as the other statue. As he’s just chilling there with a scarf.

So I attempted to take a selfie.


And I was quite amused with it, granted it was a little blurry. But I enjoyed that shot. That is until my friend PJ showcased what I actually looked like.